A website for comate change researchers covering Ecotech's range of greenhouse gas analysers, integrating nephelometers, sample conditioning systems and data management software. 

Aurora Integrating

The Aurora integrating nephelometer measures light scattering coefficients of ambient aerosols with high sensitivity and time resolution, in a wide range of air pollution and climate research applications.

Spectronus Trace Gas & Isotope Analyser

The Spectronus FTIR analyser is designed for real-time quantitative analysis of trace gases. It provides high precision measurements for multiple gas species simultaneously, in particular green house gases and their isotopologues. More >

ACS 1000 Aerosol Conditioning

The ACS1000 is used to determine the effect of humidity on aerosols. The system provides for simultaneous control of humid and dry sample channels, allowing comparison of real-time measurement by two parallel aerosol instruments.
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Airodis Data Management

Airodis is an environmental data management software package that automates the process of retrieving data from multiple data loggers, allows you to validate data and generate a wide range of reports. Airodis allows you to easily manage your valuable data and maximise your productivity while ensuring accuracy and traceability. 



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