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Early Warning System

Early warning monitoring

Sand Storm Monitoring

Centre for Atmosphere Watch And Services (CAWAS), CMA

The Chinese Meteorological Association have developed a network of Ecotech nephelometers that are used to monitor dust levels along the boarder with the mongolian desert. This network gives valuable data on dust levels and is used as an early warning system for dust storms, as happened in March 2010 when a dust storm from the desert swept Beijing (BBC article). The network includes:

  • CMA has deployed 22 M9003 Nephelometers Stations in rural China Provinces.
  • Additionally purchased over 30 Aurora Nephelometers to increase monitoring
  • Early warning system for approaching dust storms
  • Providing aerosol scattering data for numerical forecasting of dust storms as well as fingerprinting particulate sources (“clean areas vs. polluted areas”)