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Ecotech's Polar Nephelometer & ACS 1000 are involved in PEGASOS


The aim of PEGASOS (Pan-European Gas-AeroSols-climate interaction Study) is to enhance our understanding of the interactions of climate and atmospheric chemistry in the past, present and future. 

This month, as part of PEGASOS, a Zeppelin airship will be flying over Hyytiala Finland (250kms north of Helsinki) carrying equipment and research staff to obtain data on atmospheric particles, in order to improve knowledge on climate change and other atmospheric processes. 

While our ACS1000 will be part of the ground based measurements used to compare instruments inside the Zeppelin, our polar nephelometer will also be removed from the ACS1000 system and placed into the airship to obtain airborne measurements.

Marie Laborde, who is currently working as a research contractor for Ecotech has travelled to Hyytiala to install and operate our instruments.