Aurora Nephelometers

Integrating nephelometers for measuring the light scattered by aerosols. These are used to measure visibilty and help calculate the aerosol asymetry parameter, angstrom exponent and the single scattering albedo. 

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Aurora Series Integrating Nephelometers

In 2002 Ecotech developed the M9003, our first single wavelength integrating nephelometer. The unique feature of this instrument was the LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source. The lambertian distribution of the light source was achieved by adjusting the intensity of each of the 7 LEDs which would diffuse through a glass diffuser.

In 2006 the M9003 was superseded by the release of the Aurora series of nephelometers.  Two improvements were made to the light source for this series:

  • The single wavelength light source (used in the Aurora 1000) now included 15 LEDS with improved electronic control of each LED.
  • A new 3 wavelength light source (used in the Aurora 3000) was designed which included 3 light source boards in the one housing.  This had 45 LEDs in total.

In 2008 with rapid improvements in LED technology, it became possible to obtain higher intensity outputs from smaller LED packages. As such, Ecotech released its opal glass light source. This light source utilises  an opal glass diffuser fitted in front of a small array of only 3 high intensity LEDs (per wavelength) to create a lambertian distribution. A full discussion of the evolution and performance characteristics is available in the following paper:

Design and performance of a three-wavelength LED-based total scatter and backscatter integrating nephelometer

In 2009 the introduction of an innovative backscatter shutter led to the further development of the Aurora 3000 into the Aurora 4000 Polar Nephelometer. The world's first commercial polar nephelometer. This instrument has received approval from some of the leading research institutes in the world and is a true evolutionary step in integrating nephelometry. 

In 2012 Ecotech released our ACS 1000 Aerosol Conditioning System which enables the hygroscopic properites of aerosols to be measured by a wide variety of aerosol instruments.

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