Aurora - a fully integrated package

Aurora Nephelometers a fully integrated package

The Aurora series provides a fully integrated package that includes measurement system, sample pump, calibration valves, data logger and sample inlet heater in a compact low power instrument. The use of LEDs in the light source has significantly reduced the power demand of this instrument to less than 15 watts without heater and to no more than 60 watts with the heater fully active. The instrument was designed to be easily installed and operated.

The instrument was designed to be extremely robust, not require air conditioning and be capable of experiencing high altitudes without interfering with its operation. It has worked successfully in ambient temperatures as high as 45 deg C and as low as -20 deg C. It has withstood pressures experienced at altitudes of 10,000 m and continues to operate in traffic tunnels when exposed to a very high level of diesel particulates.

It can be operated unattended for low periods of time with its automatic calibration system and can have its data easily downloaded using Ecotech’s remote communication, validation and reporting software.  The calibration is very straight forward, with internal span and zero valves allowing calibration gas and zero air to pass into the cell for calibration, all of which can be setup in the menu system

These features will enable the integrating nephelometer to be installed and reliably operated in a greater number of locations and in more inhospitable locations around the earth, providing information from these regions not previously available to researchers.