Aurora 2000

The Ecotech Aurora 2000 Integrating nephelometers measures the light scattered by aerosols to determine particulate (PM2.5) concentrations. It can be interfaced with a BAM1020 to provide even better accuracy.

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Aurora 2000

PM Correlation Integrating Nephelometer

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User friendly and easy to maintain, the Aurora makes PM2.5 correlation studies simple and easy to perform. The Aurora is available in two configurations for measuring particulates:

  • Configured with a PM2.5 Size selective inlet (SSI) to sample PM2.5, Ideal in areas with stable aerosol chemistry
  • Configured to communicate directly with a beta attenuation particulate monitor providing 1 minute PM corrected data, ideal in areas with multiple aerosol sources.


  • New high powered LED light source increasing accuracy and reliability (red 635nm, blue 450nm or green 525nm)
  • Compact and portable (light weight)
  • Smart heater for controlling relative humidity of sampled air
  • Reduced power consumption and a lower carbon footprint due to:
    • Low powered internal heater
    • New 12v power source
  • Automated instrument calibration using zero and span gas
  • Pressure and temperature reporting