Aurora 1000

Ecotech's Aurora 1000 Integrating nephelometers measuring the light scattered by aerosols to measure ambient visibility.

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Aurora 1000

Single Wavelength Integrating Nephelometer.

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Easy to use and maintain, the Aurora 1000 lowers the cost of ownership for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring instrumentation.

The Aurora 1000 monitor uses a single wavelength for scattering coefficient visibility measurements at one of three user specified wavelengths:


  • 50nm (blue) for fine and ultra fine particulates (wood fires, automobiles)
  • 635nm (red) for large particulates (pollen, desert dust)
  • 525nm (green) for visibility


  • Automatic calibration
  • Easy maintenance/cleaning of the measurement cell
  • Long lasting LED light source
  • Intuitive software and maintenance
  • Automatic optical reference calibration
  • Facilitates a wide measuring range (0 to 20 000 Mm-1).
  • Simplified automatic calibration using internal valves, ideal for remote locations.
  • Fully automatic zero and span check or calibration available in intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hrs or weekly.
  • Fully integrated package including; internal sample pump, sample heater, internal calibration valves, zero air pump and data logger.
  • Internal sample heater with temperature or RH control, which can be enabled by the user to eliminate the effects of humidity (RH: <30% to <90%).
  • 12 VDC operation (60 watts max, 13 watts nominal).
  • Holds up to 61 days of 5 minute data averages or 12 days of 1 min data.



LED vs flash lamp

  • Our LED light source is guaranteed not to fail and often exceeds 5 years compared to a flash lamp
    that is recommended to be changed every 4-6 months.
  • Heat generated by the LED light source is a fraction of that generated by a flash lamp, minimising changes in sample RH.
  • LEDs emit light at a specific wavelength eliminating the need for band pass filters.

Lower cost of ownership

  • Easy to clean measurement cell.
  • Fully automatic zero and span calibrations.
  • Low power internal 12V heater eliminates the need for external inlet heater.
  • Long lasting low power LED light source.
  • No bandpass filters to be replaced.
  • Unique in its simplicity and practicality.